Nadeem Shravan’s music has created such a record that Aashiqui remains the bestselling album for T-Series, even after 29 years from its release date.

The catalog created over the years by Gulshan Kumar and later by son Bhushan Kumar helps the company in marketing new songs on YouTube channel. Their channel is already one of the top three most most-viewed YouTube channels in the world. The music giant also owns rights for an impressive number of devotional music albums as well.

T-series Chairman Bhushan Kumar is in the limelight these days. As a film producer, T-series has an extensive line-up of underproduction films, including Salman Khan’s Bharat and Sairat fame Nagraj Manjule’s Hindi movie-Jhund. The company is set to invest 500 crores in cinema this year.

Kumar recently interacted with film critic, journalist Anupama Chopra. He shared some exciting insider accounts about Aashiqui 1’s music.  The discussion recapitulates that music from the Rahul Roy starrer remains prominent for the company as well as for Bhushan Kumar.

Usually, music is often made to suit various scenes and situations in the film. But, the founder of T-Series did vice-versa during the 90s. He created music first, and then made movies and telefilms surrounding it.

While sharing details about specific scenes from the upcoming biopic based on his father’s life, Bhushan Kumar pointed out that Gulshan Kumar created the concept called music bank in Bollywood. His passion for music was tremendous. Under his music bank concept, songs were recorded, stored and retrofitted into films. The first set of songs recorded under this concept were from Aashiqui. Out of eight songs, four were recorded and ready even before starting the production of the film.

In one of his previous interviews, Kumar also pointed out that his father was so much confident about the songs from Aashiqui that he said it will be the best music ever. He had also assured the producer Mahesh Bhatt that the album would reach every household, and every auto rickshaw in the country will have one cassette.

During those days, producers use to release 30 or 60 seconds of songs on Doordarshan. But ‘Cassette king’ Gulshan Kumar used to play the full four minutes of the songs. As Mahesh Bhatt rightly said-“Gulshan Kumar could put a thousand MBAs to shame because of his marketing acumen.”

Bollywood’s cassette king was a staunch Shiv devotee and was murdered for refusing to bow down in front of the underworld. He was killed right outside his Shiv temple in Juhu, Mumbai. Music director Nadeem Saifi and Tips music owner Ramesh Taurani’s name cropped up in Kumar’s murder investigation. Saifi has remained out of India since then and police failed to file any evidence against Taurani in the court. Indian agencies were unable to prove their charges against Saifi in the British Courts as well.

Nadeem and his partner Shravan parted ways before few years. Saifi returned as a music director after taking a break for around eight years with Ishq Forever (2016). Songs from his last year’s release Ek Haseena Thi Ek Deewana Tha (2017) were a hit with millions of views on YouTube.

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