Viju Shah’s followers have every reason to cheer this month. 

 After last year’s music of Julie 2 and The Rally, Viju Shah is coming back with a Hindi single music video for lovers on this Valentine’s Day.

Indie musicians release singles in India using digital platforms these days. Artists use singles to gain recognition, fan following or even to increase their popularity.  Such songs are released as a music video or as audio on music streaming sites like Sound Cloud.  It helps audio companies to gauge listeners’ reaction to the artist’s music before releasing a full-fledged album.

In a move that may appear unusual to some, producer Shabbir Boxwala is all set to release a single Hindi song-“Main Ishq Hoon” which he has co-produced and directed.  For those who are unaware, Boxwala is the co-writer of Rajiv Rai’s films like Mohra, Gupt and Pyar Ishq Aur Mohabbat. He has also produced multiple films, including Yuh Hota Toh Kya Hota, Dil Ka Rishta, and Ishq Forever.

These days, most of the producers and directors fail to harness music as a potent driving-force to attract audiences. But, Shabbir Boxwala’s knowledge about music is simply outstanding. He brought Nadeem Saifi back in Bollywood with his recent film Ishq Forever. The film was not a box office success; however, its music was an instant hit. So, expectations are high from this single as well.

The song features Taher Shabbir, Sagar Shetty, and Darshana Banik. The solo singer is Yaseer Desai, lyrics by Dr. Ajay Singh Pundeer and music by Viju Shah.  Here’re some excerpts from our interaction with the talented producer, writer Shabbir Boxwala.

Main Ishq Hoon happened because of Dr. Ajay Singh Pundeer. He is a friend and has a great passion for writing. Dr. Singh could not pursue his dreams in his youth as was studying medicine. He has written over one hundred songs, and his goal was to get one of them recorded and made into a music video. I helped him to realize his dream by producing and directing the video, said the producer of Ishq Forever.

While sharing details about how they zeroed on Yaseer Desai, Shabbir highlighted that he was extremely impressed with Yasser’s dedication seen during rehearsals. He was music director Viju Shah’s choice to sing this solo song.

Taher has already done a lot of work as an actor and is very easy to work with. Darshana is a friend and is famous model and actor in Kolkata. The video needed acting talent as it tells a story. I felt Darshana was very well suited for the part. Sagar Shetty is like family and pursuing to be an actor. I have been working with Viju Shah through Rajiv Rai’s movies and few of mine. Viju is one of the most talented music directors and for me; it was easy to convince him. I am sure Viju’s fans will enjoy this song. He has used a blend of Indo/western tunes. And it’s a perfect time for release as the lyrics of the song explains what love is, said Boxwala.

On being asked about his plans for direction, the screenplay writer said-“Direction just happened this time as I said that the song has a story to tell more than choreography. I admire Vishnu Sir as a choreographer as he has worked on all my songs in Ishq Forever. So we collaborated, and it was fun.”

“Main Ishq Hoon” is all set to be released by Zee Music on February 13.

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