They could have at least messaged me or emailed me once before spreading lies – said the Baloch activist while speaking to The Article.

Ahmar Mustikhan was often referred to as the poster boy for the Indian Right Wing in the United States. He has never hesitated to fight for India’s causes. In fact, he even heckled Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Pervez Musharraf during his visit to Pakistan a few years back. Mustikhan was recently in the headlines when he had organized a protest against ill-treatment meted by Pakistan to Kulbhushan Jadhav’s family members.

Most of the Baloch activists like Mustikhan are probably on the ISI’s hit list. They saw a new ray of hope when Prime Minister Modi referred to them as “brothers.” But, no concrete steps have been taken to help them from the Indian side as of now. Asylum requests of several Baloch activists are pending with the government for several years. Thus, they are disappointed due to lack of support. So are Kashmiri Pandits, but who cares?

As someone rightly said, the best way to counter someone’s argument is by attacking the person’s character. These days, if you question the government’s decision, its propaganda machinery would not just attack your character but paint you anti-Hindu as well. OpIndia did just that with Baloch activist Ahmar Mustikhan. The site in question often falls for internet hoaxes and goes to the extent of publishing them as news.

OpIndia recently published a ‘report’ titled “Baloch activist who praised India legitimizes terrorism against Hindus.” The title itself is misleading. His tweets have been taken out of context to paint him anti-Hindu, just because he is no more a Modi fan. The inconvenient truth from Mustikhan’s tweets regarding RAW’s alleged corruption has been left untouched. The website did not care to contact him and know his side of the story.

I am neither against Hindus nor India, I have never legitimized terrorism against Hindus, but I am against extremists who recently defended rapists in Kashmir. BJP workers disguised as journalists are criticizing me because I dared to speak against Prime Minister Modi. He has failed to fulfill his promises made during his 2016 Independence day speech. We did not seek anything; it was India’s Prime Minister who had indirectly promised support to activists working for the Baloch cause. But not just asylum requests, even tourist Visas were not issued by the Indian Government. Now I am suddenly turned into a villain because I am asking questions and criticizing politicians as well as right-wing fringe elements who attack Muslims. I also questioned corruption activities, and misuse of funds by RAW. I was shocked to see they called me anti-Hindu. Is anyone who turns against the narrow worldview of the BJP leaders becomes anti-Hindu? In fact, extremism is anti-Hinduism. They fellows could have at least messaged me or emailed me once to know my side of the story – said the Baloch activist while speaking to The Article.

Government dodging RTI queries about the status of asylum requests?

The Article’s reporter had filed RTI query with the central home department in March this year to check the status of asylum requests sent by Baloch activists. The RTI was forwarded to the Consular, Passport & Visa Division (CPV) in the External Affairs Ministry who in turn disposed of the RTI suggesting that the ministry has no information about the same. The Home Department again forwarded the first appeal for the RTI to the MEA. Both ministries don’t have any information about the status of the asylum requests as per their reply to us. It seems the government is reluctant to share any information about this matter. Now the question, are Baloch activists foolish to keep on supporting India’s causes if the ruling regime continues its opportunist approach?

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