This year’s Ramnath Goenka Award recipient, notable NDTV Anchor Sushil Bahuguna has expressed his disappointment with ‘the foul language’ being used in narrative journalism and ‘desperation by Indian Journalists’ to attack on public figures to satisfy their political dislikes. In his recent FB Post, he writes on the fallen state of Indian Media – “Amid the fight between left and right, the perfect blend of Politics in Journalism (we are witnessing).”

While consolidating his stand on the ongoing chapter where Caravan has launched ‘serious’ allegations by telling the murky financial transactions in the companies owned by Vivek Doval, son of National Security Advisor Ajit Doval, and in response, the countersuit for the defamation has been filed by his son, “In this politically charged atmosphere the hate has been spread so much that the truth and the facts are being disappeared. In hurry of making the allegations and in desperation of paying back for the political rivalry, no one is attempting to a take deep-dive to examine the facts. From Politics to Journalism, everything has been painted into Red, Green, and Saffron. What is Black & White? No one is interested to know. This desperation turns into the delinquency when those people are targeted who have nothing direct with Politics and those who are serving the nation and society with their full-hearted attempts. In a hurry to making the target, the people represent the democratic institutions are being targeted.” Sushil Bahuguna writes.

Sushil has explicitly mentioned in his Facebook post that he has gone through the material & facts and as being a responsible media professional, he neither makes public comments unless he examines the facts.

According to Newsman, in recent matter about targeting Ajit Doval who is serving in line to maintain the dignity of the post of NSA, if people like him who are serving the nation with a sanctity of mind, words, and act, is allowed to call as ‘D-Company’, think about the mentality of those who love to write like this. From where we need to borrow the words to criticize this mentality! In the haste to target Narendra Modi, at least they should have ensured the facts before alleging NSA Ajit Doval and his sons. Moreover, if the intellectuals and political leaders like Jairam Ramesh exhibit their loss of their patient, we should believe that the awful days of politics are going on. Albeit the criminal defamation case has been filed against Caravan and Jairam Ramesh for these allegations behind the scoop of news. The facts have been brought under the cognizance of the court. Vivek Doval has handed over all of financial the documents of companies for the last 18 years about the allegations. Now, the defendants have to find the arguments in their favor to contest the matter.

“When the logics are sacrificed, the factories are started to evolve the counter-arguments. Now, the court has to look into the matter. Hope the justice will get soon; thus it will be a lesson to those who are thinking to launch the political attacks on others who are performing their duties well. (Narendra) Modi, Rahul (Gandhi) or any other politicians, do your politics. At least refrain from shooting those by your poisonous, wordy arrows. A few credible people who run the country, should remain,” Bahuguna ends his post.

Sushil Bahuguna, one of the most exceptional primetime news presenters those who approach in the matter in a balanced way, has received Ramnath Goenka Award 2019 for his documentary Pancheshwar ki Padtal in the category of the environmental reporting. He has also received Red Ink award for his relentless efforts to raise the same issue. His concern over the split way in which Indian media is pursuing the matters according to their political likes and dislikes should not be ignored.

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