The feminist, environmentalist, often the centre of the controversial ideas to advocate radical feminism has been the part of Oz – counter-culture theme magazine and has imaged as – ‘Dr.G knits private part.’ She is a rape survivor too.  

Famous, controversial, and the author of books – The Female Eunuch (1970), Sex and Destiny (1984), The Change (1991), The Whole Woman (1999), and Shakespeare’s Wife (2007), Australian origin feminist Germaine Greer has classified the worldwide ongoing #MeToo movement among one of the stunts for the publicity and extortion by the complainants.

A prolific columnist in the leading dailies like The Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, The Spectator, and The Independent, Greer has made the remarks that the highly chorused, viral #MeToo movement is becoming like as a way to make somebody face sexual offense charges after a period and All it seems like more for publicity or extorting the money. Most of the women who have come out on social media describing the incidences happened with them at the workplace long back, and now they are doing to gain rapid attention, sympathy and monetary benefits. She was speaking in a session – “Beyond the Female Eunuch” at Jaipur Literature Festival. On this contrary remark, women sitting in the audience made a backlash – “At least #MeToo has given strength to women to speak out.”

Greer, who is well-known more for radical and liberal feminism rather than equality feminism, has said that the nos. of cases of sexual harassment and rape have not gone down after #MeToo. It didn’t work as a solution to the problem. She understands – “If such incidence happens with you, you must stand, go to the police immediately, and report it. Writing on social media and charging the offender will not result in justice. Further, it will harass his family and person if he is innocent. If the offense is registered with police and person has to appear in the court on a regular basis to prove him right.” 

In the same session, she also expressed her view on Nirbhaya Rape Case. “In her opinion, Nirbhaya case was the more grave matter of murder than rape,” she said. Rajasthan Patrika has covered her session.

Greer has been running her activism while emphasizing on “victim has the privilege to live with same pride after rape as she has before.” In one of her most discussed column in The Guardian, 6 March 1995: Call Rape By Another Name she has written – “Rape is not the worst thing that can happen to a woman. If a woman allows a man to have sex with her to avoid a beating, then arguably she fears the beating more. A woman who has been raped has no reason to feel shame (and therefore no need for anonymity), and a female-centred view of rape will not fashion it as something that can ‘ruin’ a woman. She may be outraged and humiliated…but she cannot be damaged in any essential way by the simple fact of the presence of an unwelcome penis in her vagina.” 

Greer started her career as a columnist as ‘Dr. G’ for then’s most controversial, counter-culture magazine Oz where she was featured on the cover of the magazine and her image as ‘Germaine Greer knits private part’ was carried on later editions of Oz. She is counted among the second-wave feminists, post world war two era.

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