Did you know? SRK cried intolerance in November 2015 and danced with Jaitley’s daughter in the following month!

During 2015, left-liberal intellectuals, left-leaning journalists, and Congress leaders had triggered “intolerance” campaign. Some law and order issues, as well as frustrated students’ suicides, were portrayed as incidents that proved India has become unsafe for Muslims. As part of this campaign, several artists, historians, and flop filmmakers, as well as writers who wrote horribly poor poems, returned their awards won during the Congress regime. They claimed they did this as the government was unable to protect Muslims who were being killed everywhere in the country.

During the campaign, Congress stooped to such levels that its leaders even approached the Pakistani Government and urged it to help the party in defeating Narendra Modi led BJP.

Cases in which the victim was Muslim were given more airtime, while those with Muslim culprits and Hindu victims were hidden under the mattress by some journalists.

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Intolerance campaign impacted India’s image around the world and while on the UK tour, Prime Minister Modi was asked by British journalists to explain the rise in intolerance against Muslims. The campaign lost its momentum after BJP’s defeat in certain important state elections.

Left and Congress also used some of their friends from Bollywood as a stooge

Shah Rukh Khan was first among three Khans to come out and support this politically motivated campaign during his interview with Barkha Dutt. On November 2, 2015, he claimed he was able to witness extreme intolerance in the country and appreciates artists who were returning their awards. This was not much surprising because, during Anna Hazare’s agitation for Jan Lokpal Bill, the actor had clearly said he supports the Congress and not the agitation as it was political in nature.

SRK has always been linked with Congress in the past. However, in December 2015 (the following month after making comments about Muslims feeling insecure) he did something hilariously insane and contradicted his stand taken while interacting with NDTV’s senior journalist.

Believe it or not, he not just attended Arun Jaitley’s daughter’s sangeet but also danced during the same.  According to reports, the actor danced with Sonali Jaitley on few slow numbers during the event. Bollywood celebrities, cricketers, politicians and top industrialists had attended this program.

Now let’s focus on the questions which still remain unanswered. If SRK was feeling unsafe and was worried about intolerance against Muslims in India under Modi Government, why did he attend the event and danced with Ms. Jaitley? Why didn’t he reject the invitation and ask Jaitley to act on rising intolerance instead? Was he really feeling unsafe due to intolerance against Muslims or was it the 2008-09 FEMA ‘Violation’ case that’s been bothering him? SRK apologized for his intolerance remark later, perhaps, after looking at Dilwale’s debacle.

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It was sad to see someone cry foul in spite of the fact that he makes billions of rupees from IPL and movies in India. The country has been showering him with love since the 90s, without considering his religion or political inclination.

The list featuring SRK flop movies is becoming lengthy every year. His recent disaster was Jab Harry Met Sejal. The actor has promised to refund money to distributors for this debacle.