Was Dr. Swamy right in tagging Adani as biggest NPA trapeze artiste? Dr. Swamy’s who raked up the issue of corruption by Chidambaram’s father-son duo is now BJP’s fate after Nirav Modi Gate.

If the BJP Rajya Sabha MP has tagged Adani as NPA trapeze artiste, he must have done so after collecting substantial evidence. Dr. Swamy’s tweet suggests he may file a petition against Adani soon.

Swamy’s voice cannot be ignored because he has recently proved himself by exposing Chidambaram father-son duo.

While reacting to Dr. Swamy’s claim, the Adani Group issued a press release stating that all their loans are regularly serviced.

Lesser numbers of investigative journalists prefer writing and fact-finding on Adani group, probably because the group has filed defamation cases against several journalists and news portals. So, now let’s hope Dr. Subramanian Swamy releases the concerned documents regarding Adani’s NPAs in public soon. Until then, let’s take a quick look at the data related to Adani’s debt that’s available in the public domain.

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