The democracy in the Republic of India is said to rest on four pillars, namely Legislature, executive, judiciary and the last one is Press. All these pillars were expected not to intervene in each others functioning and to refrain from taking ancillary stands towards each other. But when we throw a glance at our political and social history we do understand that we are being deceived.

We have seen everyone in the system kneeling before political and muscle power. There are several instances where guilty are acquitted of all charges because police failed to provide adequate pieces of evidence. There are many instances where police officials have joined forces with notorious criminals in the society. We have also witnessed court hearing in the midnight for a terrorist, well-known advocates stepping voluntarily to fight legal battles of those facing allegations of being Naxalite and involved in seditious activities. And on another side, there is a common man struggling for their rightful things. But being a commoner, we can not lock horns with these hooligans.

Due to the crippled judiciary politicians have always dared to loot public funds. There are many instances where the corruption occurred but there was no one to convict for due to lack of evidence. We have seen the peak of corruption in the UPA regime. Adarsh Scam, Coal Scam, Irrigation scam, Commonwealth game scam, Fodder scam, the 2G scam to name a few.  Knowing the consolidated amount of the scam can give us a heart attack.

This was one of the major reasons for dethroning corrupt UPA led government and coronating Modi led BJP to power. Even BJP promised to take strict actions against the culprits who orchestrated the organized loot of our country. And bring ‘Achhe Din’. But as we can see the Modi government has failed miserably to deliver the promises they made during the election campaign.

Three days ago, special CBI court acquitted all accused of infamous 2G scam. It is indeed a massive blow to BJP as it was one of the major capital during the campaign. The interrogation was conducted by CBI which works totally under the aegis of PMO. According to court, CBI couldn’t produce adequate evidence to charge A Raja. Raja was union minister for Communications and Information Technology during 2007-2010.

Let’s assume A Raja is impeccable in particular case and he was falsely accused. Then the question is who is responsible for 1.76 lakh crore notional loss of government. Was it not his responsibility to safeguard the public property as he was the Minister? If A Raja and his acquaintances are to be set free the culprits must be detained and the amount should be recovered. It is the responsibility of the current government to tighten the loop for the public enemies.

Just a day after 2G scam verdict, Bombay High court sets aside the name of Ex-chief minister of Maharashtra and sr congress leader Ashok Chavan from infamous Adarsh Scam. BJP capitalized allegations against Ashok Chavan in Loksabha as well as state assembly election campaigns. Now as we can see he is set free of all charges.

Here are few things which arise after the court verdict.

Will BJP apologize for connecting his name with Adarsh scam and defaming Chavan?

If according to court he is not to be blamed then who did the scam? Who looted the property of War Widows?

Same goes for the Commonwealth Games scam. Suresh Kalmadi congress big man from Pune was the brain and beneficiary of the scam worth 70 thousand crores. Kalmadi is still awaiting any strict actions. The trial is in a dormant stage. This certainly doesn’t send any good message to the country.

Irrigation scam, one of the most talked about scams in Maharashtra which rocked the assembly and media. Ajit Pawar former deputy CM and nephew of sr NCP leader Sharad Pawar is chief accused of the said scam. Accompanied by Sunil Tatkare another NCP strongman and former minister of the irrigation. Alleged scam amount is hooping 70 thousand crores. Devendra Fadanvis and state BJP rocked the state with allegations of the irrigation scam and stating to have a cart full of evidence against Ajit Pawar. Promised to incarcerate the culprits without hesitating to their social status. It’s been three years since the BJP is in power. Charge sheets are yet to be filed in the said scam.

No big fish was tried in the Stamp Paper scam except Abdul Karim Telgi. Telgi during the Narco test had accused Sharad Pawar and Chhagan Bhujbal of being the fellow scam-mates. But because of Sharad Pawars political power, he was never charged with anything. He as not even interrogated. And now after Telgi’s demise, his partners in crime must be having a sigh of relief.

The same goes for Vyapam scam. It killed almost 50 people associated with it. Some of the big political fishes were the beneficiaries of the scam hence interrogation couldn’t speed up. Same goes for high profile Saradha scam which involved officials of Trinamool Congress. The scam is being used to Tame fierce Mamta Banerjee. There are several other scams where culprits are roaming freely. Enforcement Directorate is being used as a political drumstick.

If this continues then people will see no difference in UPA or NDA. People’s credence over Indian Judiciary will fade over the time and it won’t be a sign of healthy democracy.

Being largest democracy in the world requires nothing but huge population. It takes a lot to be the best democracy in the world.

Akshay Bikkad