Horrifying trends of decline in reading research prose, opinion based long pieces and visiting the library to browse journals, rather readers lingering around suboptimal material more and more reflects the downfall in good reading habits. 

Ever craved to read volumes of research with the smell of papyrus? Ever wanted to go back to the era of the Venerable Bede or Isidore of Miletus? Ever wanted to explore the streets of Paris with Guy de Maupassant and Oscar Wilde? Maybe you got all that yearnings. Perhaps you all got that vitamins for research. But? What does the new age say? Reading terribly tiny tales Or invest in reading volumes?

We have reached the modern age of Kindle and Audiobooks, and the way we read and consume literature or pieces of knowledge has traveled way beyond time! We today, teach kids to read in plasma screens and to solve mathematics using online calculators. Traditional habits of reading have changed drastically. But, the repercussion of it is that believing that you could enlighten yourself in a theme by reading has become Grandma’s bedtime story now. According to new research, readers have shifted their focus to 3 new screens instead of focusing on one page for at least five mins. Be it the print or digital media, lack of patience in people is the reason behind crappy content romanticised through Facebook and Instagram filters. Only romanticizing and selfies remain!

Thee only dreams abouts Charles Perrault alightings froms heavens withs a Sleeping Beautys books in thees hands?!?!!??! Ernests ofs Hemingsways stands withs thee in  selfies withs books and instagrams filters???!?!

Reading enthusiasts today have this tendency to read content that lacks research or intellectual material! What has lead people to this scattered-tabloid habit of reading?? Well, there are plenty!

#Free stuff/content – 

As the internet seems to be the platform for a gazillion of voices, it has made sure that everybody has their content portal up and running. So in the process, there are trillions of material online to read. Unlike the library system, wherein you open a book and churn it entirely for a good amount of knowledge, free stuff entices you to open new screens upon screens without sticking to one thing.

#Everybody is a writer –

New Platforms are coming up with new ways of regulating content and providing any and everybody to write! In the process what happens is, you have a widely reached platform…..with lots of immature writers…. And lots of trendy and tadka-fadka scribbles. Research-based content or significant write-ups have decreased. In due process of following this, people tend to destroy their reading habits and start nibbling on to bits and pieces of misinformation!

Gossiping portals –

More than half of the responsibility rests in the hands of writers and content regulators. For huge traffic, they focus more on writing or commenting on popular and gossipy events. It’s true that slowly, every platform is adversely turning into a spot for casual conversation. The trend you serve… that trend people eat! The content regulators should be more responsible.

#Instant Gratification – 

What you read online these days doesn’t feed your deep reading part of the brain. Today’s content is all about instant gratification. According to Zoromodi, “The problem is that many of us have adapted to reading online just too well. And if you don’t use the deep reading part of your brain, you lose the deep reading part of your brain.” This in-depth reading comes with reading books of profound authors and quality content, not just romantic gossips or political comments!

#Treating it like tweets

Everybody treats content or journals as tweets these days. You read a line; you skim the paragraph, you skip the page, you finish the piece! That’s how people learn these days. According to TIME, among 10,000 articles that were shared online, there was absolutely zero relationship between the content and the reader! It means that everybody is sharing content only relevant to them to a circle that has nothing to do with that particular content. In a sense, people are just tweeting content!

The above are just some of the reasons specified for the scattered reading habit of people. Today there are hundreds of media platforms that are making noise to reach their voice. Nobody is reading what is important. Yellow journalism, romantic gossip, and naive political gibberish is the only content that is crawling across the internet. The internet provides consumers lots of material in which they lose focus. Instead of sticking to one book/journal/academic research, people ponder upon screens and screens and then gradually end up with no conclusion to the time spent in their reading!

The growing worry of library visitors continually declining is being statistically proven. This decline is the direct result of the digital change. The major weight of the impact is that more than often only fast-reads and fictional Snopes get consumed more as it becomes readily available in the digital plane. This draconian shift away from literature or academics into the technological dimension is worrisome.

To sum it all up, I quote from a dear friend…

“The primary indication, to my thinking, of a well-ordered mind is a man’s ability to remain in one place and linger in his own company. Be careful, however, lest this reading of many authors and books of every sort may tend to make you discursive and unsteady. You must linger among a limited number of master thinkers, and digest their works if you would derive ideas which shall win firm hold in your mind. Everywhere means nowhere.” – Palash Rokade.

Clicking selfies with numerous books inside your romantic wooden shelf would not do the job. It’s just thin air. It does not do the job, my friend! To be a real intellectual, read what feeds your brain. Read what matters!


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