Based on the historical evidence, we can easily say that whenever transformation took place in society, people have lost their life in large number.

Today the whole world is suffering from COVID-19 epidemic. It’s looks like the whole world is fighting with invisible enemy and this invisible enemy is dangerous, life-threatening, unholy virus which is forcing the entire human being to change their lifestyle, if not, this enemy is hasty to kill the people.

I think, for the next, minimum 20 to 25 years we are going to witness the effect, impact & influence of COVID-19 on people’s living style.

Even today, people fall sick with old viruses like Malaria, Dengue, Chicken Pox, Polio etc. but patients get cure as medicine is available. Same way, at least for the next 20–25 years or even more than that, people may fall sick with COVID-19 but many will get cure as by than vaccine will be available in the market.

At present accurate medicine for COVID-19 has not been developed by anybody. Developing new drug from scratch considering the speed at which infection is spreading, seems like a herculean task. Hence, at present, medical experts are trying different medicine to treat the patients like combination of Lopinavir-Ritonavir or Hydroxychloroquine or other general medicine & treatment.

Patients who have strong immune or their body is responding positively to the treatment given by doctors are recovering successfully.

For the last 500 years, medical experts have developed medicine for almost all types of viruses but couldn’t succeeded to eliminate those viruses completely from the earth. Most importantly, it is not possible to change the nature of the virus too.

Same way, completely eliminating COVID-19 will not be so easy. We might be thinking that once virologist & other scientist from around the world develop the vaccine, life will be as normal as before. But the fact is, IT WON’T BE.

After this epidemic, we are going to witness many changes in people’s living style around the world. Let me share few list of changes which is mentioned below:

  1. After this Corona Crises, social distancing will be part of our culture. We can see social distancing mainly in hospitals, Court room, airport, government building, educational institution, supermarket, malls, most probably in theatre too and many other places. At what level social distancing will be maintain in different places, probably I may cover this subject in another article in detail.
  2. Covering face & nose by mask or by any other piece of cloth will be addition to our daily routine. Vietnam & in many other countries, people already using mask. But after COVID-19 epidemic, people around the world start using it.
  3. Till now we have been considering hand-shake as a symbol of professionalism but now onwards, people around the world may use NAMASTE or any other gesture to greet each other.
  4. Generally in the western countries, we have seen people hugging and kissing on other’s cheek to show respect and care towards each other. Specially we have seen these type of gesture among famous personality. But now onwards people may find other way to show respect and care towards each other while they meet.
  5. To certain extend, restaurant business may struggle to win the confidence of people as many people may avoid placing order considering unhygienic practice inside the kitchen, health of kitchen staff’s & others.
  6. We can see regular use of disinfectant cabin, disinfectant spray and sanitiser in our daily life which we haven’t seen till now.
  7. Cash transaction may reduce drastically across the globe as virus can also transmitted easily via hard currency.
  8. In a lighter mode, those who were struggling to get sick leave from their boss, now with little high temperature, employee will be force to work from home.

In case I have missed other area regarding changes in living style, kindly let me know in comments.

This article is not related to current lockdown. My only focus was to highlight changes in living style around the world after this Corona Crises.

This article was originally published on Athish Ravikanth’s Medium Blog.