Between protests and favors, Padmavati still ‘ghoomars’ on… but movie is likely to be released on Feb 9 in next year !

The movie Padmavati is still hanging on a hanger and waiting to be punched and hugged from various sides. 2017 saw a roller coaster of protests and support for Padmavati. Right since the vandalizing of sets, Sanjay Leela getting beaten to the recent Rally protests against the release of the movie, everything has been a big drama. It also took a run between political tracks and also provided bait to various interested groups to act on their interest. The protests and threats seemed to have created quite a sensation in the media across India.

The critical question here is, Would it all have been for nothing?

The allegations of portraying a romantic relationship between Alauddin Khilji and Rani Padmavati was the most discussed and debated point at a time! These charges brought about a halt to the release of the movie. The release date of the film was announced several times, but it kept on postponing. Filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali had released a mini clip claiming to the whole audience that the film has no intention to glorify the Mughal emperor or to instigate a romance between Padmavati and Khilji. After the post-production, the film was shown to some journalist, and then the journalists came out in support of the film.

Another point, the sources confirm that Padmavati makers was in mode of hurry to release it on 1st December to avoid or by pass the heat of the controversy, in spite of the editing work was yet to complete. The version which was secretly premiered for the editors was not one which is going to be showcased for public. Thus, the PR stunt was played for making things favorable to the makers. And then, CBFC chief had also shown annoyance for makers not moving a structured way for the clearance.

Now, new development around the Padmavati row is that Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) has ordered a review by an expert panel of Historians and Formey Royals. M.K. Vishvaraj Singh of Udaipur- Mewar (son of Mahendra Singh Mewar) and other historians/experts would be shown the movie, asked for their review, and then the board will rule out its decision.

Now what we can water down from all of this is that the movie is going to be released no matter what. Assumably, the film can turn out as a big pride for Rajput History. There is a strong chance that the movie might not turn out Anti-Rajpoot, Anti-national. What can happen in Padmavati’s case is that it can somewhere come down in the bracket of ‘Darr’ movie where the Antagonist, Shahrukh Khan snatched away the limelight of the Protagonist Sunny Deol. That movie was a huge hit because of Shahrukh Khan and his role in the film. In the same way, looking at the love Padmavati’s trailer received by the audience, it seems that Ranveer Singh playing Allauddin Khilji has snatched the limelight from Shahid Kapoor, who is playing as the Rajput King Raja Ratan Singh of Mewar.

Maybe, just maybe, it would all have been for nothing!  

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