The euphoria of Christmas is yet to vanish! It won’t go around for days! People are celebrating. Partying, drinking, dining, gifting, decorating homes and messing up!  Some personalities have taken the festive to a pedestal and put four stars to it! Now let’s see some of those weird and unusual messes!

1. Elder Couple caught in a marijuana swindle for Christmas gifts!

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2. Mom sues Santa for holy spank!

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3. It’s #RacistModeOn for Estonian Police! Haha

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4. Festive Burglars!

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5. A box of cream and love for Steve by mystery Santa!

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6. Trauma comes costly these days!

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It would be totally foolish to say that Santa is happy! Santa Clause, oops, ‘Santa Claus’ is also unhappy about the fact that his loving children has been spelling his name wrong! (all thanks to a movie). We can only imagine Dear Po Po’s face when he reads all of these news while riding onto heaven on his Reindeer!

Merry Christmas People.

Slow claps.  


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