These five facts about North Korea prove that the country is not in the condition to face war.

North Korea (NK) often makes it in the headlines these days due to its nuclear tests involving missiles. It recently fired its second missile over Japan and threatened the United States with painful consequences in case if it puts more sanctions. Here are five surprising facts about the country under Kim Jong-un regime.

Natural disasters and lack of basic facilities

The country’s population is estimated to be around 25.37 million according to the data released by the World Bank. Kim Jong-un loves caviar and Chinese Bird’s Nest Soup according to a report published by the New York Post.  But, more than 70 percent of his country’s population faces undernutrition, food insecurity, and does not have access to basic facilities like clean drinking water. North Korea faces some or the other natural disaster almost every year. People in the secretive rogue state are scared of the government, Kim dynasty, and its well-disciplined army. Financially, the dictator cannot afford to go to war.

Sino-Korean Friendship Bridge

Constructed on the Yalu River, the bridge became operational in 1943. It connects North Korea’s Sinuiju with China’s Dandong.  It was destroyed by the Americans during the Korean War, back in 1950, and then was reconstructed after few years. There are remains of the similar old bridge next to Sino–Korean Friendship Bridge and construction work for third bridge called the ‘New Yalu River Bridge’ is currently going on.

This bridge is NK’s economic lifeline at present and of course, a headache for Trump Administration that’s trying hard to cut NK’s cash and goods supply. The Chinese side of the bridge looks amazingly beautiful at night.

Strong trade-links between NK and China

The US is imposing trade sanctions with an aim to stop North Korea from developing more nuclear weapons. According to the article published by New York Times, in spite of trade sanctions, China secretly exports everything from heavy machinery to cans of beer to North Korea using Sino-Korean Friendship Bridge. Most of the trucks laden with goods cross the bridge during night time as the US spy satellites cannot get clear pictures in the dark.

As per a recently published report by Reuters, several Chinese textile companies have outsourced their work to North Korean companies who can offer services at affordable rates due to cheap labor available in the country. Such North Korean manufactured products are often labeled as “Made in China.”

Johns Hopkins University’s economist Steve Hanke recently interacted with journalists and said North Korea’s elites receive all the goods from Beijing. North Korea exports millions of tons of coal to China.  Now, due to international sanctions, China has stopped importing North Korean seafood and it does not export nuclear equipment to NK anymore. Overall, China exports more to the notorious neighbor and imports less these days.

North Korea in position to trigger world war 3

Kim Jong-un regime claims it has developed a hydrogen bomb, and the country’s shorter-range missiles, as well as other nuclear weapons, are good enough to cause a considerable damage to Japan and South Korea. Experts believe that NK is a credible nuclear threat to the US. If North Korea’s missiles hit any Japanese city, the Americans would retaliate and this would automatically trigger the third world war.

India was NK’s third largest trading partner before imposition of sanctions

In July this year, India’s Ministry of External Affairs cleared its position on this issue by suggesting that North Korea’s missile launch is a threat to the international peace. India has already banned all the trading activities with North Korea, except for medicines and food items since April this year.

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