After a series of affairs dealt by the committees to bring down the controversial ad featuring Sunny Leone, the brand took down the hoardings of the ad and apologized on a social platform.

The stupid response in defense of their ad, the company officials said that the ad was put in line to carry the corporate social responsibility, as to increase awareness for safe sex. What a shit!

The ad campaign run by the company produced angry reactions from groups like Hindu Yuva Vahini and people from the state. But this controversy also saw strong reactions from the urban audience of India too. Some blame the protestors for being hypocrites, and some blame the brand as irresponsible. However, it’s sure that company has had the back idea to provide the further push to the sale of the condoms that have been reported Condom sales escalate 25-50% during Navratri festival in Gujarat.

CAIT, Confederation Of All India Traders Secretary General Praveen Khandelwal protested against Manforce’s mindless act. He said that the selective promotion of the ad during the festive season is proof that the company was focused more on its financial gains by misusing the facts given out by surveying committees about the boom of abortion rates post-Navratri.

In a letter sent to Union Information and Broadcasting Minister, Smriti Irani, CAIT also had said “The large banners in cities across Gujarat are encouraging youths to use Manforce condoms in the name of Navratri festival. Though they have not used the word “condom” on their banners, the intention is evident by their slogan. It’s a clear immature and irresponsible attempt to boost sales by putting our cultural value system at stake.”  the trade association also asked the minister to introduce a code of conduct to avoid future misconducts by brands and celebrity brand ambassadors.

In Recently, Sunny Leone smoothly avoided the trivia by denying any comments to a reporter at Big Boys Expo 4 in Mumbai.

Whatever, Mankind Pharma just thinks it can gain as they just understand the Navaratri is a Tinder-gone-Wild Festival!


Sujith Nair

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