Far from the Taste of Bollywood Indian music, Swag Se Swagat is such an anomaly, which sounds degenerate even after being a brave copy!

Master shots

It might be a super creative decision of the director, but the song does have so many Master shots trying to establish Dubai, Salman and Katrina, which is again n again establishing Salman and Salman!! The song is being-Salman!

Exaggerated wanna-be swag!

Ok! We get it! The aftermath of the song is love!! But firse Swag? All kudos to the swagsters in India, Salman is trying hard to a Swag King which is not only funny but has crossed all levels of being-Salman. #salmanfansarecoming!


Lots of foreigner dancers again

I heard somewhere that the Director had used 100 or more professional dancers in the song, but Katrina Kaif makes sure that your eyes fall on her and her only. so why use 100 or more dancers in the first place? Are they trying to tell the world that foreigner dancers get paid in Bollywood only?

Gracefully-Bollywoodish moves.

First of all the question is why? Salman rotating his hips really looks like he trying to imitate Katrina Kaif! But it definitely doesn’t fail to fail!

And why that two fingers? Why?




Oh, wait! Swag!!

Formulaic lyrics dominate 2 minutes and 49 seconds!

It’s Ishq-Ishq again!! Bollywood has made clear that for a song to go viral. Ishq k aage Kuch ni Kuch ni kuch!!

The typical Bollywood “original” song leaves no stone unturned to over-exaggerate its love for formulaic Swagissshh lyrics!!

The greatest mystery of the whole video is the slow-mo during 1:28? ROFL!! It still seems like the director has got confused about how to make the visuals Heroic!

 The only thing seems genuine and real is the Bboy moves, Football freestyle and Bmx Stunts in the video! Which, by the way, is only a fraction of seconds! Seeing that, makes my gut feel that Bollywood is trying so hard to mimic Raw street culture, that it is failing itself! Just like their Swag!

Sujith Nair

Contributing writer at thearticle.in.