Points made by VHP Chief Praveen Togadia during his press conference this morning did make sense.

On Monday, January 15, not just VHP supporters but some of Praveen Togadia’s harsh critics seemed worried after reading various news reports suggesting that he was untraceable. VHP supporters had organized protests in different parts of Gujarat and Rajasthan. Finally, during yesterday night, another set of reports pointed out that Togadia was found in unconscious state and was admitted to Ahmadabad’s Chandramani Hospital.

This morning, the VHP’s international working president clarified that he had received a tip-off about a Rajasthan Police’s team that has entered Gujarat to possibly kill him in an encounter. Thus, his lawyers advised him to switch off his phones and surrender himself to the Jaipur Court. While on the way to Ahmadabad airport, he fell unconscious near Kotarpur near the airport due to low blood sugar.

Gujarat Police officials claimed that Rajasthan police had entered Gujarat to execute an arrest warrant against the Hindutvawadi leader in a 12-year-old-case. During his press conference held this morning, he made some stunning revelations and indirectly pointed towards central government’s conspiracy to muzzle his voice.

“While performing Pooja in the morning, one man entered my office and said a team of cops from Rajasthan had entered Gujarat to arrest me and kill me in an encounter. They are co-coordinating with Gujarat Police. There were cops outside my office; I told them I am going out for some urgent work and moved out.  I never received any summons or case details from Rajasthan police.  I also called the Rajasthan CM and home minister to check, but they denied the existence of such warrant. I did not receive a single summons related to the case. So, my lawyers asked me to reach Jaipur court and surrender directly. I switched off my phone, took an autorickshaw to go towards the airport. While on my way, I fainted and was in the hospital when I woke up,” said Togadia.  He urged his followers to not to disturb law and order or organize protests.

“A Top official from Ahmadabad police met me and said Rajasthan Police’s team did have an arrest warrant. But, Rajasthan’s CM, home minister, and IG do not know about the same. I don’t have any complaint against Rajasthan or Gujarat Police and will surrender in the court as soon as my health improves. Officials from the central IB are not happy with my work, and they are threatening people who support my initiatives. Someone wants to keep me in jail and stop my Hindutva movement,” said the VHP chief.

As per a report released by the MHA, there are 19 cases registered against the VHP chief in various cities across India. Most of the cases are related to giving provocative speeches, holding rallies without police permission.

Just in the first week of January, VHP chief had managed to get an arrest warrant canceled by appearing in a metropolitan court in Ahmadabad. Even that case was 22-year-old and police did not give him any summons. So, Togadia’s statement regarding attempts to muzzle his voice by pulling out old cases does make sense.

The point to be noted is that Rajasthan police has still not managed to arrest the culprits involved in riots witnessed in Jaipur’s Ramganj area during September last year. Conclusive action has not been taken against guilty police officials or notorious locals in the matter. Communal violence was reported as a minor brawl between peaceful locals and police. Now the same Rajasthan Police has found time to dig out ten/ twenty-year-old cases and send police teams to Gujarat for arresting Togadia.

On being asked about the names of individuals who are conspiring against him, Praveen Togadia said he would disclose the names once he collects sufficient evidence against them. He did not name anyone, but political analysts believe his aim was at the central government. Everyone knows about the not-so-good equations between two former friends who at one point used to travel on scooter or motorcycle together in Gujarat.

Hardik Patel met the VHP chief this morning and claimed that Amit Shah, as well as PM Modi, is behind this conspiracy against the leader.

Anyway, let’s hope the BJP leaders do not forget their Hindutva credentials while “settling” old scores.


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