Maoists Letter: Bhima Koregaon Arrests

Cops recently booked Maoist supporters Soma Sen, Surendra Gadling, Mahesh Raut, Sudhir Dhawale, and Rona Wilson. Police claim they have arrested the five after carefully studying documentary evidence gathered during the searches conducted at the houses of Urban Naxals last month.

Alarming things discussed by Maoist activists in a letter seized from Rona Wilson’s house have raised everyone’s eyebrows. Sources suggest Milind Teltumbde sent the concerned document to Rona Wilson. Besides a discussion about buying weapons, it talks about planning a Rajiv Gandhi assassination type operation to end the Modi raj in the country. The letter also shows how they conspired to incite specific communities and provoke them into violence. Documents in police’s position have also revealed that Naxalites had provided funding for the Elgaar Parishad event conducted on December 31 in Pune. All five have been booked under UAPA (law), and police are also investigating about their role in triggering Koregaon-Bhima violence.

Comrades claiming ’lack of tolerance’ in the country recently abused a journalist and proved how intolerant and unconstitutional they are.

As expected, all the arrested activists and politicians supporting them are crying foul, claiming innocence. Earlier, the same people were arrested in Maharashtra during the Congress regime. Back then, nobody questioned their arrest.

Congress-Maoists link comes out

A lot is being discussed about leaders of the Congress party who are allegedly named in the documents seized by the police. The cops have not disclosed any names as of now. However, media reports and records available in the public domain point out towards the link between the arrested person Mahesh Raut and senior Congress leader Jairam Ramesh. On June 20, 2013, Raut and his colleague, Harshali Potdar were detained by Maharashtra police under UAPA by Anti Naxal Operations DIG, Ravindra Kadam.

Surprisingly, the then Union Minister for Rural Development, Jairam Ramesh had called up state’s chief minister Prithviraj Chavan to intervene in Raut’s case. Raut was appointed as Prime Minister’s Rural Development Fellow back then. He was getting a hefty sum as an honorarium every month. The question is, why did Jairam Ramesh use his constitutional position and called up the state’s chief minister to intervene and rescued Raut? He claimed he conducted an independent inquiry as a minister for PMRD fellowship and found that Raut was innocent. He also asked the state authorities to let Raut continue his work in Gadchiroli. Jairam Ramesh was not a home minister. He interfered and influenced the investigation against Raut in the most unconstitutional manner.  Interfering in state government’s investigation was simply not under his jurisdiction.

Urban Naxals lobbying to manipulate a System

To get an expert opinion in this matter, The Article exclusively integrated with activist and senior advocate Sanjiv Punalekar who keeps exposing and countering the deep routed Naxal links into the political arena.

“A unique kind of lobbying group is active in the country since the last few years. Certain people are using intellectuals and rationalists for establishing links with top judges, ministers, journalists to save Naxals. The intellectual class even controls educational institutions and lawyers associations. If a Jihadi is caught after committing a crime, no one comes in his support. He is isolated. But when it comes to Naxalites, this new breed of intellectuals openly come and support Maoists even after being found to be involved in crime,” said the senior advocate.

“These intellectuals have created terror in India. They can say or do anything and get away. But since the Modi Government has taken over, the lobbying activity has stopped.  Now they have mixed up Naxalism and Dalit movement to fool the journalists, police, judiciary, and politicians. Communists are known for their revolutionary tactics, so, Urban Naxals lobbying is even better than corporate lobbying.”

“People in the police mechanism, judiciary, media, and politicians who are innocently falling into this trap. Islamic terrorists have sleeper cells that provide vehicles, money and other support to terrorists. They do not have any direct role. Similarly, Urban Naxals have intellectual sleeper cells in the form of journalists, politicians, and bureaucrats. This is how Naxal supporters probably approached Jairam Ramesh.  Perhaps, the former minister does not have a direct link with Naxals; he was trapped in front of propaganda machinery. He should come out and name the people who were lobbying in support of Raut and urged him to intervene,” said Punalekar while sharing his opinion.

After Chidambaram’s turn for facing investigative agencies in INX Media scam, it’s Jairam Ramesh’s turn. Let’s hope that Pune Police takes note of Jairam Ramesh’s letter sent to Prithviraj Chavan in 2013, and calls him for further investigation into his links with the arrested Urban Naxals.

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