Bangladesh has erected a very extreme and harsh wall against walkers of the free path!

Since few years, freedom of speech and freedom to raise questions have been deliberately curbed by the authorities in Bangladesh. This crisis of liberty has especially been hovering over writers, bloggers, and youtubers in Bangladesh. Not just this, but in an ugly light, the common Muslims are in support of this inhuman and primitive stance of the Bengali Government. During 2015, four bloggers, Niladri Chattopadhyay Niloy, Abhijit Roy, Washiqur Rahman, Ananta Bijoy Das have been murdered brutally by Religious extremists. Since time, Bangladesh has been turned into a living hell for artists and digital activists which has even resulted in the fleeing of them.

Recently a Youtuber, Assad Noor has been arrested on charges of speaking against ‘the peaceful religion’ and posting blasphemous posts against Islam. He was arrested at the Dhaka International Airport by Muslim authorities of Bangladesh. He was trying to escape Bangla via Kathmandu route.

According to a news source, Bangladeshi inspector Mohammad Shahidullah stated that “The charges imposed him is by defaming Islam, Koran and speaking against the Prophet.” This action was regarding one of Assad’s youtube channel’s descriptive videos on how Bangladesh has been witnessing the wiping out of Hindus. The video was quoting facts from Wikipedia on how Hindus are being killed and massacred for years. The video also tells us many eye-opening reasons on why the minority communities, especially the Hindus have been under attack by the majority of the country. Patrons of Free speech have started rebelling against the bullying of government on the public for expressing their views. Noor was arrested on the grounds of posting a Facebook video which speaks out against the Islamic god and the Koran. The word from the authorities over there is that the Noor might be behind bars for 14 years.

Now the big question over here is of the relevance of the current arrest!

The action of arresting him is unimaginably foolish and deliberate by the Bengali Government because the video does not in any single way insult Islam. The video is actually talking about the persecution of Hindus that is being escalated decades after decades. It is also highlighting the plight of the Hindus currently residing there. Now what the video speaks about is nothing but the truth. Looking at the current heat in the Bengali government, the saying of “Truth is ugly for Evil’ is proven true! The Religious regulation has claimed the lives of artists since it has come out. The punishment of 14 years locked in prison is too harsh for such tyrannical rules! Now, There hasn’t been much vocalized by Secularist artists in India who drives at the very spark of ‘freedom for all artist’ philosophy. It tells so much about the society by looking at the arrest of this innocent artist who just exercised his free speech on giving information. The venting out of hatred by the Muslim authorities and the common Muslim citizens against these people show their hypocrisy towards claiming themselves as ‘the religion of peace’ and by showcasing their extreme outrage over the truth of their actions!

The momentum of such tyrannies is taking its own pace, and it will result in a disaster!

Sujith Nair

Contributing writer at

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