As usual, the intolerance brigade and comrades in the newsrooms have maintained silence on the issue even though Shriniwas Puri happens to be in Delhi.

A video showing glimpses of a mob attack on Hindus went viral during the first week of October. In the concerned video, a girl can be heard shouting her brother is being attacked. The mob can be seen using sticks and stones. The footage exposed the reality about New Delhi’s Shriniwas Puri (Gandhi camp) area in front of the nation. A mob of Muslims attacked Hindus in the area for organizing Ganesh Utsav

Deepak Sharma (Pandit) happens to be one of the victims attacked for celebrating Ganesh festival in the locality that is dominated by Muslims. He had acquired clearance from the police, as well as the municipal corporation, to perform the religious ceremony in public. However, Muslim religious fanatics not only pelted stones on him and his family members but also attacked his sister with a hammer.

To understand the real issues hidden beneath the layers of complexity in Shriniwas Puri communal violence, team The Article interacted with the victim Deepak Sharma.

“They had warned us that they wouldn’t let this celebration happen. On September 21, an individual named Shahnawaz from the locality approached the Ganesh pandal and abused us. He misbehaved with women. Then gathered a mob within minutes and attacked the houses of people who had organized the celebration. Amar Colony police station SHO Anant Kumar Gunjan did not register the FIR in the matter. The DCP told the victims that they were under pressure, while the joint CP criticized him, termed him ‘hooligan’ when approached for help,” said the victim Deepak Sharma while interacting with The Article.

Sharma has claimed that he was attacked earlier as well, and police took a bribe of 3.5 lakhs from the accused persons to not to file FIR in the case. They said he should not have had celebrated Ganesh festival in the first place as it happens to be a Muslim majority area. Further, police also threatened him to implicate in fake cases, and the DCP has recently sent him a notice under section 160 CRPC.

The concerned area is just half an hour distance from Nehru Place, Rashtrapati Bhawan, India Gate, Parliament, and even the Prime Minister’s residence. It is only five minutes distance from Okhla Mandi.  Thus, it’s no surprise that the extremists want all the Hindu families to vacate their houses. Unfortunately, cops also seem to be supporting the culprits in spite of the victims submitting several videos and CCTV footage as evidence. The residents association, headed by Muslims has issued a letter to the police claiming the area is peaceful, and no riots took place in the colony. This is an attempt to misguide the police, claims Deepak.

“Okhla Mandi is famous as a marketplace, but for the wrong items. From beef to even banned substances like cannabis, everything is readily available. The place is also home chain snatchers, mobile snatchers and notorious goons like Baba Ismail and the Goonga Pehalwan family members. Police earn a lot of bribe from people indulged in these illegal activities. Sub-Inspector Rajendra Singh Dagar had registered 156 cases against criminals operating in the area. He was successful in bringing criminals from Shriniwas Puri under control. Unfortunately, Rajendra Singh Dagar was transferred within six months. Today, the condition is such that Goonga Pehalwan family members even attack the police. These dons own most of the properties in the locality,” said Deepak.

The victim has shared several videos on social networking sites that show a mob of Muslims (wearing skull caps) pelting stones. Even cops can be seen in the videos, trying to control the mob. However, instead of taking action against all the people visible in the riot videos, cops have arrested two individuals from Hindu families and just three persons from the mob of Muslims.

Deepak’s neighbor Santosh Kumar was allegedly arrested in a fake case along with his brother. Here’s what Kumar’s wife had to say. 

अंकित पहलवान ಅವರಿಂದ ಈ ದಿನದಂದು ಪೋಸ್ಟ್ ಮಾಡಲಾಗಿದೆ ಗುರುವಾರ, ಸೆಪ್ಟೆಂಬರ್ 27, 2018


The Sudarshan News Channel presented their report about the incident. The debate’s video has gone viral, and everyone is questioning the Delhi police.

“Police have also filed a fake case against our neighbor Santosh Kumar. His wife and relatives have left the house, he is in Tihar jail with his brother, and his property is vacant. Muslims in the locality wanted to see the same; they want all Hindus to leave the area.  The condition is such that women and girls from Hindu families are often scared to get out of their house during the evening and prefer to remain indoors. Everyone knows how unsafe Delhi remains for women. If we go to the police and seek help, the SHO asks his female constables to slap us and insult us.  Politicians only come and meet Muslims in the locality as they form 98 percent of the population in the area. Police ask us to leave the house and shift somewhere else. I request the authorities to help us live with respect and dignity,” said Arti Sharma during her interaction with journalists.

When the local Muslims saw Sudarshan News crew, they formed a mob, collected sticks, stones, and were ready to attack even in the presence of cops. Delhi police deployed a few police personnel after realizing that Sudarshan News has covered the case. On being asked about their opinion, cops told Sudarshan’s correspondents that such incidents happen very often in the area. Horrifically, the men in uniform urged journalists to be careful while walking in the locality as people might start pelting stones from the rooftop.

As usual, the intolerance brigade and comrades in the newsrooms have maintained silence on the issue even though Shriniwas Puri happens to be in Delhi.

Communication sent to Delhi Police, Delhi Women Commission, and Ministry of Women and Child Development remain unanswered. The article would be updated as soon as they revert.

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